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About News of Quebec

News of Quebec is a vehicle for making known the work of the Christian Brethren assemblies among the French-speaking population, primarily in the Canadian province of Québec. A small committee of seasoned brethren and sisters is responsible for its activities which include a semi-annual publication and the channeling of financial gifts to commended workers. Needless to say, committee members keep in close contact with the work and workers in order to adequately report on what is going on as well as provide encouragement.
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A Bit of History…

A full history of the work is available both in English and in French, published respectively by Gospel Folio Press and Publications Chrétiennes. Please contact us.

News of Quebec came into being as the result of a felt need to inform English Canada as well as anglophones elsewhere of the work of the Lord being carried on in French Canada. It was the brain child of Dr. Arthur C. Hill, a medical doctor practicing in Sherbrooke, Québec. The idea was given to him by Roy Langley, who, during a short leave from military service, recognized the appalling lack of information about the work available to anglophones and shared his concern with the doctor. Unilingual French-speaking workers who were not able to share news with their English-speaking brethren needed a go-between. Dr. Hill was the man for the task. Upon stepping down from the editorship of the magazine in 1968 after twenty-four years of service, he penned the following.

The present editor-in-chief began News of Quebec as a mimeographed sheet in 1944, arising out of a conversation with brother Roy Langley, then on a short leave from the R.C.A.F. We have with much thanksgiving seen it grow into a printed annual booklet and finally into a quarterly magazine (even if a little one), and its circulation grow to approximately 20,000 copies each quarter.

We praise the Lord also that funds coming into our treasury for distribution among the workers and works in the Province of Quebec have continued to grow. Also our correspondence regarding needs and opportunities in Quebec has increased in volume. All this has put an increasing load on the office of the editor, who is at the same time a busy general practitioner (there are still some left!)…

I have no intention of retiring from the front line of service in Québec. I shall continue to help with News of Quebec as an honorary or associate editor, and shall remain as chairman of the Finance Committee. Along with the other two editors, I shall always be glad to carry on correspondence regarding any phase of the work in this province.

So with real thanksgiving to God for providing an entirely competent successor, one who may well do a better job in editing this little quarterly than I have done, I turn the direction of News of Quebec over to my good brother and fellow warrior, Arnold J.M. Reynolds.
Fifteen years later, in 1983, the torch was passed once again as explained by Dr. Hill, who had continued up to that time as an associate editor of the magazine.

The next issue of News of Quebec will be in the care of a new editor. I carried the responsibility myself for the first 24 years, bringing it from a few mimeographed pages to a yearly publication and finally to a quarterly. As the funds coming in increased it was difficult to do a good job as both editor and treasurer of News of Quebec. The committee persuaded Arnold Reynolds to take over the editorship and this he has carried on until the present. Now, that he finds it necessary to relinquish this responsibility we are thankful that the new Editor-in-chief has been found in the person of Richard Strout. We expect that under his editorship the magazine will make further advances in its presentation and its general coverage of the whole work in French Canada.